Arts & Craft

Embroidery, Bead Work, Wood Crafts,
Printed and Woven Clothes, Pottery and Tribal Art

Gujarat has an array of a rich variety of crafts that are expression of the folklore and festivals of the people. Their products have received acclamation not only across the country but in overseas countries too.


Embroidery among the Arts and Crafts of Gujarat is the widest category and mostly done by women living in villages. This state is well known for hand made embroidery with cotton, woolen, silk threads and also gold embroidery.

There is a wide range of embroideries to choose from, such as Rabari, Bavalia and Banni embroidery and Patola embroidery is the prime style that stands out of all. This state is also well known for producing gold embroidery that is mainly done to add on the look of fabrics meant for various occasions. Literally translating to 'neat and clean', this style of embroidery is characterized by geometric patterns. Its v-shaped designs called 'leher' or wave and triangle patterns are highly stylised. But the designs on the fabric cannot be pre drawn. The detailed geometrical patterns are left to the discretion of the craftswomen who have a talent for working out geometrical shapes as they weave. They mentally picture the motifs and then work the embroidery from the reverse of the fabric. The embroidery is often mistaken for machine work because it is so neat and perfectly arranged. These patterns are in high demand on saris, bedsheets, linen and tableware.


Gujarat is a treasure trove of crafts, traditions and culture. The state is home to a diverse array of colourful handicrafts.

The contrast of colors is best reflected by the state's textile handicraft that is rich, flamboyant, elegant, and ethnic.  The Gujarati textile handicraft is expressive of their artistic personality and cultural heritage, a legacy that is passed on from generation to generation. It is distinctly identifiable in the multiregional milieu of Indian art and crafts. 

Metal Work

Gujarat is no stranger to the labour of hammering, forging and casting that goes into producing pieces of metal.

The state has been home to metal work for hundreds of years. These include statues, vases, utensils, ornaments, jewellery and furniture that boast of ornate designs. Craftsmen use iron, copper and brass and even silver, to cast some exquisite artefacts. The metal work reflects the finesse of artists who have spent years perfecting the craft embellishment

Clay Work

The craft of mud work is deeply ingrained in Gujarat's history and its popularity has spread across the world over the years. Inspired by clay art, this is a tradition that goes back years amongst the Kutch craftsmen. Mud work frames from Kutch are wonderful representations of the culture and history of the state. Through little details like depicting local flora and fauna, the art form brings to life the authentic culture and traditions of Gujarat. Today, artisans make attractive wall pieces with some beautiful mirror work and traditional clay utensils like pots, plates, bowls that are hand painted

Leather Handicraft & Wood Carving Craft

Gujarat is famous for it's leather handicrafts and artisans from Meghwal community have mastered the leather works in the state. The wood carvings of Gujarat are also well established over the world amd are detailed and exquisite.

Modern-day leather handicraft items include bags, various kinds of beautiful footwear, cushion covers, etc. The leather is known for its durability and its ability to hold water. Khavda is most famous for leather handicraft in Gujarat.

Sandal wood craft is famous in Surat, whereas, Rajkot and Sankheda are famous for furniture making. Bhavnagar, Pethpur are some other destinations where splendid woodwork items can be found. The woodwork handicrafts include plaques, chests, furniture and other household items. Besides normal woodwork, the lacquered wood craft is a very niche handicraft of Gujarat.