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Historical, Heritage, Spiritual, Nature, Recreational & Eco Tourism

The Statue of Unity

World's tallest Statue

Statue of Indian Statesman Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (1875–1950), the first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of Independent India

Also Visits along with Statue of Unity

  • Sardar Sarovar Dam
  • Valley of Flowers
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Cactus Garden

Walk in the Past

The cultural mix enhanced with over 4500 years of history has endowed Gujarat with some of the greatest historical and archaeological monuments. While Lothal offers an unparalleled insight into the Harappan civilization, Ahmedabad has specimens of Indo-Sarcenic architecture, Palitana has a profusion of temples in the Jain style, Junagadh displays Buddhist caves and Rajput architecture appears all over different parts of Gujarat. A major Tourist destination of immense potential, it's historical monuments represent the great religions of Asia – Hindu, Buddhism, Jain, Islam, Parsi and Sikh.

Spiritual Expedition

Gujarat has important Religious Spots which attract Tourism. Most of the Hindus visit these places at least once in their lifetime. NRIs and Foreign Tourist visit these places for it's unique Religious beliefs.

Jyotirlingas at Somnath Temple and Dwarkadhish Temple Somnath, the construction of the present temple in Junagadh district began in 1950. It is the seventh temple built to commemorate the glory of Lord Somnath. 

Dwarka (Jamnagar district) in ancient Anarta (Saurashtra) was the capital of Lord Krishna's terrestrial kingdom.

Pavagadh is yet another historical and religious destination at the base town of Champaner. Pavagadh along with Champaner and Marchi is a UNESCO world heritage site. The hill of Pavagadh rises from Champaner in three stages and this plateau lies at an altitude of 1,471 feet. 

Mount Girnar at Junagadh, is also one of the holiest of the holies for Hindu ascetics and Jains. There is a famous akhada of sadhus at its base.  Shrine.

Nature Sojourn

Gujarat is the dream of an explorer who quests for nature and wild life. Gujarat possess varied Landforms with the dry & moist deciduous forests, majestic grasslands, marine ecosystems and wetlands.

These habitat are home to rare wild life inhabitants. The Land of the Legends is symbolically known for its wildlife icon of Lions that are found in the Gir reserve and happen to be a major attraction for tourists in Gujarat.

Heritage & Culture Odyssey

Gujarat is rich in Heritage sites like World Heritage site of Champaner, Indus Civilization sites & Ancient Buddhist sites.

Ahmadabad’s Heritage walk is the only daily departure Walking Tour in India.

Gujarat’s Princely heritage has resulted in the State having more than 20 Heritage Hotels including converted Forts and Palaces.

Gujarat’s culture forms an integral part of Indian culture. Well known for its rich Culture and Heritage, its cultural diversity has preserves of ancient art and craft techniques. Gujarat’s people exhibit warm and friendly nature, god fearing and possess untouched simplicity with ‘simple living, high thinking’ attitude. Concerned and affectionate, the communities are varied. The diverse ethnic groups constituting the Gujarati population has resulted in the cultural diversity of Gujarat.

The folklore and folk arts of Gujarat form a major part of the Culture of Gujarat. It preserves the rich tradition of song, dance, drama as well.

Recreational Excursion

Gujarat is a land with colors of joy. It has the best beaches in India. It has the best eco tourism opportunities. Recreational avenues like boating, camping and picnic spots are favorite recreational outings for local as well as tourists in Gujarat.

Gandhinagar Gujarat cities have magnificent gardens which are maintained in natural settings, enhancing their exquisite beauty with fountains and fountain shows.

The Sarita Udyan, Sayaji Garden, Law Garden and Parimal Garden and many more gardens in cities all over Gujarat, allure tourist attraction. The Kankaria Lake attracts tourist from all over the world with its unique serenity and beauty. Surrounded the lake, tourists have endless recreation to the Zoo, Garden Park, Fish Aquarium, Balvatika (for kids), a mini Train tour round the lake, boating and other facilities.

Dunny Point, first eco-tourism site, promises to be one more feather in Gujarat's cap at Dwarka, land of Somnath. Active nature conservation is a vital aspect of government policy.